Lefties Looking for Host Families


Port Angeles Lefties Looking for Host Families


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Port Angeles, WA — November 15, 2016
Port Angeles Lefties Baseball is looking for a few All-Star Host Families for the upcoming 2017 season. A host family is one of the most essential and influential aspects of a baseball player’s experience in the West Coast League. With many young men coming from outside the Puget Sound area, the host family provides more than just room and board. Families help players adjust to a new area, assist them in integrating into the community and provide a stable living environment, all while establishing lifelong friendships and enjoying the chance to follow “your boys” throughout their progression toward Major League Baseball.
Expectations of a Host Family
Lefties players are developing professionals working hard to bridge the gap between home and their professional futures. For the 3 – month WCL season, Host Families can “adopt” a player, providing free room and board and a stable, friendly living environment. A majority of players come with transportation,
and arrangements can be made with other players if they do not have it. Players begin arriving at the beginning of June, and stay through the middle of August. Each young man is picked because of great recommendations of personality and character and will abide by the “house rules” of their host family, as
well as a WCL and Port Angeles Lefties code of conduct
Benefits to Host Families
Host families are in the unique and enviable position of providing a “home base” for these young men, who are all far from home. Since travel is a big part of a professional ballplayer’s career, it’s important that these men learn to be part of the communities and families they will be visiting. Beyond having the opportunity to expand the family with a talented and eager young Lefty, Host Families are provided with the following benefits:
A Premium section season ticket for each player that is hosted at your home.
A party during the season with the players to say “thank you” for your generosity
A night at the ballpark where host families will be welcomed onto the field as MVPs and celebrated for their contributions.
“We have our coaches and we have our team. The MVPs yet to be named are the families willing to open their homes to these boys,” said Lefties co-owner Matt Acker. “The players have a unique opportunity to advance their own hopes and dreams, and host families have a chance to become community All-Stars
and part of the great tradition and sport of baseball.”
Over 200 alums of West Coast League teams have played in Major League Baseball, including Jacoby Ellsbury of the New York Yankees, Nyjer Morgan and Marc Rzepczynski of the Cleveland Indians, and James Paxton of the Seattle Mariners.
Interested families can email General Manager Ryan Hickey at ryan@leftiesbaseball.com, or check out
http://www.leftiesbaseball.com/host-families/ for more information.